Onaroo Danny The Penguin Portable Night Light with Rainbow Color Change

Danny the Penguin Portable Night Light sheds a soft glow to ease fear of the dark and is an entertaining companion any time of day. Danny is operated using a single, easy to press button on the bottom. Your toddler can select his or her favorite night light color (yellow, teal, red, blue or pink) or press and hold to enter soothing color change mode. In this mode all five colors fade in and out in sequence creating a fun, rainbow effect. Danny the Penguin runs for over 100 hours on three, ordinary AA type batteries (there are no sealed rechargeable cells to wear out). With the handy 30 minute auto off feature Danny will operate for over six months between battery changes. Customer Care: 617-395-7831

  • Soft night light with five soothing colors: yellow, teal, red, blue and pink
  • Portable, Take Danny from the night stand to the bathroom or under the covers, Illuminate the pretend hallways of a weekend couch fort project
  • 30 minute auto off feature conserves battery life, Runs for over six months on three ordinary AA batteries
  • Cool, safe LED lighting Danny generates no heat
  • Soft, safe plastic free of phthalates, lead and BPA